We don’t just build model railways!

Scroll through the page to disover a few of our members’ other interests.

Some of our members’ run miniature Mamod steam engines, regularly! Below are some pictures of Member Joseph Kikta’s collection.


Joseph writes

I have always been into steam and steam engines since I was a child. The thought that a simple matter of heating water and harnessing the steam created in an engine to do stuff was fascinating. When I was about the age of 18 after I had moved out of my parents house and into my own flat I acquired my first Mamod steam toy which I still have to this day, a Mamod SE1 from 1974. Since then my fleet of engines after lots of research has expanded. I now own a Mamod SE3 from 1976, a Mamod TE1A from 1975 and just to add something different a German Willesco D3 from early 1970s. I have no doubt I will buy more in the future. My engines have regular outings to some of the Local Pubs which is a great way for me to show my hobby off to other people. It is also a chance for me to promote the Hemel Hempstead Model Railway Society.

A number of our members’ also volunteer at Waterways Experiences, a charity which is based on the Grand Union Canal at Nash Mills and whose main aim is to provide accessible canal boating to all.


3 0f our members who volunteer for Waterways Experience Joseph Kikta, Chris Harley and Kevin Grace out on a Waterways Experience trip as Crew.

Some of our members belong to other model railway clubs/ societies, e.g. Chesham and Princes Risborough.

We also hold regular outings to other heritage railways and museums. Most recently we visited Fawley Hill, the home of Sir William and Lady McAlpine, with its wonderful railway and museum. Everyone who went thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Every year we hold our annual Society Christmas dinner. This is a great way for all members and their families to socialise and get to know each other better. The photographs below are of our most recent Christmas gathering.




We are pleased to support the Nickey Line, our very own local branch line which ran from Hemel Hempstead to Harpenden and closed to passenger traffic in June 1947.

Click here for the Nickey Line website!